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Our small family-owned farm is passionate about providing ethically farmed and quality freezer meats.

At Holy Cow Farm Fresh, we’re constantly researching ways to improve our farm and soil for the animals, our customers, and our children's future.


Our family has been raising quality freezer meats since 1998 on our small family farm north of Monon, Indiana.

After several years of selling beef locally to repeat customers, we knew we produced a quality of meat that other families wanted for dinner too—a meat that was grown ethically and free of fake ingredients, chemicals, and growth hormones.

Because of this, we created Holy Cow Farm Fresh to give more families the opportunity to feed their loved ones high-quality, grass-fed, and pasture-raised meats that are produced with ethical practices, are free of harmful fillers, and deliver tremendous flavor.

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We believe in using smart and ethical farming practices.

At Holy Cow Farm Fresh, we’re passionate about raising happy animals and being transparent with our livestock practices. Our animals are raised ethically and enjoy freedom, sunshine, and pasture living prior to harvest because we know that farming happy animals leads to the best quality of life for them and the best quality of meat for you.

Additionally, Holy Cow Farm Fresh practices regenerative agriculture. This type of farming allows us to work with nature to restore soil and ecosystem health, protect the environment, and increase farm productivity. We do this by utilizing practices like adaptive grazing, increasing plant diversity in our pastures, and eliminating harmful farming chemicals.

We’re also blessed to be one of the only farms in Indiana with their own on-farm processing facility available to service customers for bulk custom orders. A member of our team or our on-farm butcher will walk you through receiving your own custom-cut meats.

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We love that our family

can help safely feed yours too.

Paul and Joanne Mosher,

high school sweethearts, were married on July 4, 1998, and are carrying on the farming tradition from their grandfathers before them.

They raise their four kids on the farm where—through the blessings of Jesus—they’re able to produce quality meat for the rest of their community.

Paul, who bought his first farmland while still in high school, has been a farmer since 1994. You’ll find him heading up the farm and butcher shop, raising natural green solar panels of hay and pasture, and tending to all the livestock.

Joanne earned a master’s degree in Agronomy from Purdue University and is a soil scientist. Along with Paul, she is constantly researching new ideas and innovations to improve the farm and soil for the animals, customers, and her family. In addition to being blessed as a farmer's wife, farmhand, and homeschool teacher, Joanne also handles sales for Holy Cow Farm Fresh.

All four of Paul and Joanne’s children work with their parents on the farm. Both of their sons, Levi and Caleb, are serving our country in the Army National Guard and work on the farm full-time. Levi’s wife Anna also works at Holy Cow Farm Fresh—helping with office tasks and sales.

Paul and Joanne’s daughters, Gracey and Elizabeth, can also be found helping around the farm while still in school.

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Serve your family great-tasting food that is free of fake ingredients, hormones, and chemicals.