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Enjoy farm-fresh freezer beef & meats.

Our locally and family-owned livestock farm makes it easy to enjoy an amazing meal without worrying about fake ingredients, hormones, and chemicals.

Most meats found in grocery stores are infused with fake ingredients, hormones, and chemicals.

Plus, many factory-farmed animals are raised in confinement and pumped full of growth hormones and antibiotics—just so they can be taken to market faster.

These practices not only negatively affect the animals themselves, they degrade the quality of the meat and make it unhealthy to consume.

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Our high-quality freezer beef and meats support local farmers who believe in healthy, ethical livestock practices.

When you realize that you’ve been deceived into consuming “healthy” meat from the store that actually contains a number of harmful ingredients, it can feel like a betrayal—especially if you’ve been chronically ill or have food sensitivities.

At Holy Cow Farm Fresh, we believe you deserve to know that your meat was raised with ethical practices and is free of harmful ingredients.

This is why in 1998, our family started a locally-owned livestock program that:

  • Raises Happy Animals
  • Replenishes the Land
  • Produces High-Quality Freezer Beef and Meats

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Choose only the best grass-fed and pasture-raised meat for your family.

Hands down best decision to order from Holy Cow Fresh Farms! … Joanne was incredibly helpful [through] the whole process. Love ordering from a small family-owned farm. Customer service is top-notch. Meat tastes amazing!
- Robert J.
My wife and I have been wanting to buy bulk meat for some time, and we finally took the plunge after much research. We decided Holy Cow Farm Fresh was our best option. We corresponded with Joanne throughout the process and she is very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. We ordered the steak bundle and quarter cow, and the meat is FANTASTIC! We would recommend [their] meat to anyone.
- Sean C.
The whole process for ordering our cow was smooth from start to finish, and we received an excellent final product. Thrilled to have my freezers full, even more thrilled to support a family business. This was our first time purchasing beef in bulk, and this will be the only way we go moving forward.
- Bri W.

Get healthy, farm-raised meats.

And, enjoy free shipping on orders of $150 or more!

Shop online or stop by our farm store for fresh beef, pork, lamb, chicken—and more.


Choose your favorite cuts and then select whether you’ll pick it up or you’d like us to ship it.


Enjoy pasture-raised and
grass-fed meat that gives you peace of mind.

You deserve great-tasting freezer beef and meat

that is free of fake ingredients, hormones, and chemicals.

We’ve been made to believe that grocery store meats are safe to eat—but they are not.

This is because the food industry is allowed to cleverly disguise harmful ingredients in their product labeling.

At Holy Cow Farm Fresh, we produce locally-raised, grass-fed and pasture-raised freezer beef and meats because everyone deserves great tasting food that is free of fake ingredients, hormones, and chemicals.

Since we’re 100% transparent with our livestock practices, it’s easy to fully understand what goes into raising, caring for, and processing our meats. With options such as grass-fed, grain-finished, and farm-raised, you can be sure you’re getting locally-raised, high-quality meat without any added junk.

It’s sad, but there are literally millions of Americans who are chronically ill or experience food sensitivities because of the food industry's hidden practices. This includes pumping animals full of growth hormones and antibiotics—just so they can be taken to market faster.

Because of this, our family began our ethical livestock program back in 1998. We love that our family can help safely feed yours too.

To get started on finding healthy, high-quality meat—all you have to do is shop online or stop by our farm store for fresh beef, pork, lamb, chicken—and more. Once you’ve chosen your favorite cuts, you can take it home from our farm store, or let us know if you’d like to pick it up or have it shipped anywhere in Indiana.

It’s really that easy to enjoy high-quality meat that also gives you peace of mind.

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Serve your family healthy, high-quality meat that is raised locally & ethically.